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Player Information

Team Requests: We will try to honor all requests, but we cannot guarantee.


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Team Requests
Emergency Contacts

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Terms & Conditions


  • In the event of a medical emergency, I hereby give authority to LBA LEAGUES LLC staff to obtain necessary medical treatment for my child(ren).
  • I am aware that my son(s) will be playing athletic sports and participating in various camp activities as part of the camping program. I agree not to take any legal action against LBA LEAGUES LLC or its staff.
  • I will be held liable for any and all damages incurred by my child.
  • Agreement Not to Sue: You agree that you will not at any time maintain or file any lawsuit or assert any claim against LBA Leagues for any damage or loss related in any way.

Amount per child: $250

A 3% Convenience Fee Will Be Added for Credit Card Payments


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Checks must be received within 5 days of submitting the application. Checks should be made out to LBA LEAGUES and sent to 32 Cabinfield Circle, Lakewood, NJ 08701


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You will also receive them to the email provided.